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Western Frontier Traders is widely recognized by professional manufacturing jewellers, hobbyists and students as the place to go if you are looking for unusual, gemstones, pearls, beads and findings that will enable you to fashion fresh jewellery designs that are unique, imaginative and captivating. This is why people in search of something different regularly visit our showroom to browse through the latest in stones.

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Western Frontier Traders - The Best Range of Jewellery Supplies in Australia

Western Frontier Traders is widely recognised as being the leading beading supplier in Perth and in fact all across Australia. We understand beading supplies and what professional jewellers, hobbyists and students need and require. Our clients appreciate that we are the first place that you should visit if you are looking for gemstones, pearls, beads, findings or something that is a little bit more unusual. We also offer a wide selection of jewellery tools that are also available in wholesale.

Our comprehensive stock will enable you to create unique, imaginative designs that will captivate all who view them. Although we may be based in Perth, we sell all our beading supplies all across Australia and our real strength is being able to offer products that are not available anywhere else. We go to great lengths to ensure exclusivity.

When it comes to creating unique jewellery, we know exactly what you are looking for. It needs to be different, have instant appeal and to achieve this you need to use the finest raw materials – things that you are unable to source from elsewhere. Our wholesale beading supplies give you the opportunity to find the products that you want whilst at a price that allows you to be able to offer your clients affordable quality jewellery.

We pride ourselves on the fact that we offer items that are different from the mainstream. This means that designers can create something special that will stand out from the crowd. We offer wholesale beading supplies across Australia and that means our prices are extremely competitive as well as our own showroom being well stocked and regularly updated. You can visit our store in Perth or alternatively view all our products online and see all our latest stones.

We take time to source products and materials that are different and this means thinking ‘outside the box’. A question that we ask ourselves constantly is “what would we want?” as designers too. Being able to understand your needs whilst at the same time appreciating what your clients want. This can only come from experience and having a genuine passion for beading and jewellery making. We are continually looking for those items that are just that little bit different.

As a complete beading supplier, we also offer a range of tools that will assist artists. Our wide selection of jewellery tools is one of the largest in Perth and even Australia which once again makes us the perfect choice for designers. Our experienced team will be on hand to advise you on the tools that would most suit your needs. It is our passion for beading that drives us forward and we love the opportunity to discuss your ideas.

We are in a position to offer tools that aren’t generally available such as Orca torch kits, Orca soldering torches and Orca propane torches. This once again means that we are in a position to differentiate ourselves from the competition. As with all of the other tools we stock and sell, all Orca products are used by our teams so we are confident that they are some of the finest products on the market. We are happy to recommend these tools to any client and we can offer advice on their uses.

From our very beginnings, back in 1995 our aim has always been to deal with manufacturers and suppliers direct so as to cut out the middle man. We appreciate that manufacturing jewellery is a rewarding career but at the same time understand the difficulty with getting started, establishing a client base as well the costs involved with materials. To this end, we endeavour to employ qualified jewellers who manufacture and sell their own products.

As mentioned, we test all of our jewellery tools so that we can be 100% satisfied with their quality. We carry an extensive range of semi-precious stones in cabochon and string form. We display our regular lines on this website but add additional items almost monthly often in just short runs which can be viewed on our Facebook page.

You may have some ideas of your own of what you would like us to stock, if we don’t already, so we are always open to suggestions. We can discuss the options that we do have and work with you to find the correct materials which are just right for your pieces. We, like you are designers so we are genuinely interested in working with you and fresh ideas always appeal to our creative nature. Perhaps, a client has asked you to design something “different” and you just need a sounding board? If that is the case we can help too! We love discussing ideas and talking about what we can create together!

If you are searching for jewellery findings or sterling silver findings you will find Western Frontier Traders your perfect solution. This when coupled with our extensive range of beading supplies and our owners’ Jim Jenkins vast comprehensive knowledge of the industry means that we are the only people you should turn to when you are looking to create stunning jewellery that is truly unique

If you would like more information about any of our products, beading supplies or jewellery tools, you can visit our store in Myaree which is open weekdays from 8.30am until 5.00pm, call us on 1800308383 or (08) 9330 8311, email on or alternatively contact us via our website.


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