Christmas jewellery gifts 2020

Nov 9, 2020 | Advice and How-To's, Jewellery Trends | 0 comments

During the festive season it’s exciting to wear Christmas themed earrings, reindeer ears and get into the joyful spirit. We recommend making jewellery or decorations with craft wire. But when it comes to making gifts for your loved ones this holiday season, here at Western Frontier Traders we believe you should make jewellery that suits the individual rather than sticking to a Christmas theme. It’s the gift that counts and we have plenty of packaging solutions to suit a variety of needs.

When deciding on what jewellery to make for someone this Christmas there’s a few things to consider.

Think About Their Personality

Regardless of your budget or the type of jewellery you’re looking to make, there’s one vital thing to consider when you’re buying a piece for someone else: their personality. This is quintessential as everyone has their own unique tastes and this will influence the style of jewellery that you create.

The easiest way to find out what a person likes is by thinking about the sort of styles they tend to wear. For example does the person you’re making jewellery for wear, gold, rose-gold, copper or silver metals? Do they prefer more understated designs or do they like more statement pieces?

Engrave Your Jewellery

If you want to get really personal with your gifts this Christmas, then consider engraving your jewellery. Whether you’re making a statement piece or a bangle for someone you love, this simple gesture will make your Christmas present more heartfelt.

You could make your gift special by adding dates, initials, a name or a quote, or even constellations and coordinates.

Ask: What’s On Their Wish list?

Asking your loved one what’s on their wish list this Christmas may give you an idea want. They may have been eyeing off a pair of pearl earrings or a chunky chain all year but never treated themselves to the gift.

Ultimately, you don’t want to make them something they already have nor do you want to make them something that they’ll end up re-gifting to someone else or putting in their jewellery box and never wear. You want to encapsulate their personality into this piece (or pieces) and create something that you know they will love and wear.

Overall, whatever you decide to make for your loved ones this year, consider their personality, think about engraving the piece (or pieces) you make to make them that little bit more special and don’t be afraid to do your research by asking them what they want. This way you can customise a piece that that you know they will love.