Crystals and creativity

Sep 3, 2020 | Advice and How-To's, Featured Products, Gemstones, Jewellery Trends | 0 comments

How they can help us to be creative

Finding motivation to create new ideas, work and have confidence in our abilities as a creator can be difficult at times. Here at Best Jewellery Supplies (BJS) we believe that positive affirmations and an organised work space can aid in creativity. Although some artists find that crystals can help to set intentions for a day’s work and optimise creativity.

Ways you can incorporate crystals into your everyday life include wearing them as jewellery, keeping them in your pockets, meditating with them or simply keeping them somewhere on your workspace.

Crystals are believed to have a number of properties such as working with chakras which act as holding chambers for energies or work to defend you from negative energies. It is also believed that in order for healing properties to come out of crystals, one must activate the crystal. Once activated, the stones may be used to set intentions, meaning a person can direct their feelings or goals into the crystal object.

For jewellery artists and craft people looking for new ways to stay creative in your studio or workspace, we’ve outlined seven of the best crystals for you.

Clear Quartz
Crystals have a number of properties and purposes and some are more challenging to work with than others. If you’re new to crystals it’s best to start with a clear stone like clear quartz. Clear quartz tends to be the most popular crystal as they are easy to use and also due to their perceived ability to absorb energy, resound with the chakras and bring clarity to the mind and body.

Unfortunately there are times when we doubt our own ideas as an artist or a creative. If you’re looking to overcome these feelings and develop a stronger sense of self, amethyst may be worth a try. Amethyst is also believed to be linked with wisdom and intuition.

This peaceful blue and green crystal is a calming gem and is connected to the throat chakra. This is a beautiful stone to wear and keep on your person. It can give you the confidence, courage and inspiration to create.

This crystal is connected to the sacral chakra and is best for those artists hoping to tap into a more passionate frame of mind. This stone cultivates creative sexuality and bravery.

To avoid zoning out in the studio, Citrine is your go to crystal as it will have you feeling motivated and energised. Its transparent yellow tone is believed to remove negative energy whilst instilling concentration and focus and is key to productivity in your workspace.

Whether you’re looking for inspiration, a new community or a new medium, malachite could be the crystal for you. Known for its ties to coincidence, this stone is perfect for creatives who want to connect with people and places as it may guide you toward new paths and important transformations.

This silver shimmering exquisite crystal is believed to assist in manifestation, protection and abundance. Use these crystals for inspirations and manifesting your visions.

At Best Jewellery Supplies we stock a number of different crystals for all your creative needs. Come visit us in store today or visit our online store