Interview with ceramic artist Belen Berganza

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Belen Berganza is a ceramic artist based in Perth, Western Australia who specialises in homewares, jewellery, wind chimes, labyrinths and sacred geometry.

Belen’s jewellery is made from porcelain and 925 sterling silver and her favourite material to work with is clay and porcelain.

Belen is most proud of how she carves geometry onto porcelain and she likes how the light shines through her geometry work.

Translucent Porcelain-Recycle Materials Yantra Ambience Lamp

Belen describes her collections as a bit “chaotic” but at the same time very personal and says she puts her heart into the Cameo collection.

Her first creations were made in the north coastal mountains of Spain in 1993 as surf jewellery.

She started the Cameo collection 15 years ago as an experiment by getting orders from clients when she was not living in Australia.

Belen Berganza’s Cameo collection.

However she put a lot of work and hours into the Cameo line and learnt a lot by making more and came to perfect her techniques. 

Her creations have evolved over the years to her present collections in Western Australia. 

Her jewellery lines now include earrings, charms, the cameo collection, scent pendant lockets, chakra collection, a children’s collection and the zodiac collection.

She says, what makes her jewellery stand out is the work that she does on the porcelain as they are her own designs.

She is inspired by flowers, birds and geometry and says “they are common things but when I put them into porcelain I think it makes them quite unique”.

She says she sometimes gets inspiration for her designs from her dreams.

Belen says “everything that I make is made to last forever, porcelain will last for centuries.”

“The silver that I use is all recycled and the clay is always local clay,” Belen says.

If you’d like to see Belen’s artworks in person you can visit her stall at some upcoming markets.

Pop Up Market – Beehive Montessori – Sun 14 November 2021
Perth Makers Market – Sun Nov 7 2021 & Fri Dec 19 2021
Perth Up Market – Sun 28 Nov 2021
Fremantle Arts Centre Bazaar – Fri 03 Dec 2021 – Sun 05 Dec 2021