Interview with jewellery artist Brett Barker from iJewellery

Oct 15, 2021 | Interviews | 0 comments

Brett Barker comes from a family of artists spanning four generations. He originally trained in Art Education, teaching in High Schools in Western Australia, and worked in the fields of painting, pottery and serigraphy.


He then decided to start creating jewellery with his brother as a bit of fun before reading a book about the process and then made the hobby a career.


Mr Barker has now been making jewellery for more than twenty five years and hand makes everything he creates. He says this doesn’t include the use of computers or laser cutting machines, just his hands.


For Mr Barker making jewellery is like creating a small sculpture and drawing is the key. He says “if I can draw it I can make it.”


Mr Barker says there is an element of humour in a lot of his designs and if he had to describe his jewellery style in one word it would be quirky.


Mr Barker has been fortunate to commission jewellery for some notable clients. His favourite commissions to date include:


-The Targetite Cuff Links which were presented to His Royal Highness Prince William during his Australian visit, by Sir Peter Cosgrove The Australian Governor General


-The 18 ct Gold Cufflinks, set with rare Australian Variscite commissioned by Rio Tinto presented to the

Chinese President Hu Jintao


He says “it’s not often you get to make jewellery for Princes and Presidents.”


For more information of Brett Barker visit his website or Instagram @ijewellery or find him at the upcoming markets below:


Perth UpMarkets – Sun, 28 Nov 2021

Perth Makers Markets – Nov 7 2021 – Dec 19 2021

The Jacaranda Festival – Fri, 29 Oct 2021 – Sun, 7 Nov 2021

The Fremantle Bazaar – Fri, 3 Dec 2021 – Sun, 5 Dec 2021