Interview with jewellery artist Sultana Shamshi

Oct 5, 2021 | Interviews | 0 comments

Sultana Shamshi is an accomplished jewellery artist who resides in Perth, WA.

She creates jewellery inspired by environmental issues, her garden and trees.

Sultana is currently showing her work in a number of exhibitions across WA and has more exhibitions coming up before the end of the year.

Sultana has worn jewellery from a young age, as she says it is traditional for women in India to have their ears pierced at birth and have a baby bangle put on their wrist.

Sultana holds an Advanced Diploma in Jewellery Design from Central Institute of Technology in Perth and gained useful skills and practice which she continues to use today.

Her materials of choice for jewellery making are silver, gold and copper and semi precious stones but she does not always use them in a traditional manner but rather in an eclectic sense.

Sultana is conscious about the environment and raises awareness about various environmental issues through her work.

“I also use discarded objects and plastics to make statements about the environmental crises that looms over us, as I have shown in the Tend Exhibition currently showing at the Courthouse Gallery in Port Hedland.

“Sustainable is the key word not only in my practice but in my way of life, otherwise there can be no fulfillment in art or craft.”

Sultana says “I started making my Tree Series almost a decade ago and still have not run out of ideas.”

Sultana is inspired by many things, but she says it is her Garden which gives her the most nourishment.

Currently Sultana is showing work at the following exhibitions:

Contemporary wearables: Tuesday October 5 2021 – Sunday October 31 2021 at Toowoomba Regional Art Gallery.

Connexions Exhibition: September 28 – October 16 2021 at Gallery Central at North Metropolitan TAFE

Tend Exhibitions: September 24 – November 5 at Port Hedland Courthouse Gallery and Studio

Counterpoint: November 3 – November 19 at 12 Cleaver Street, West Perth, Western Australia 6062