Interview with Maxine Faye, handcrafted jewellery maker

Maxine Clarke has always enjoyed learning new creative techniques and dabbled in leadlight, folk art, macramé and woodwork before discovering jewellery.

Initially she obtained an advanced certificate of metaphysics in colour therapy.  She loves being able to incorporate the various colour properties and crystal vibrations into her designs.

Mrs Clarke did a beading class at a local recreation centre in 2003 and was instantly in love.  She likes the variety of methods that can be used with beads to create such different styles including simple threaded strands, knotted pearls and mala styles, off-loom stitching (peyote, chenille, brick stitch, etc) and wire work.  Mrs Clarke enjoys learning new techniques, using different materials or being pushed out of her comfort zone by entering local and national jewellery competitions and has been successful in winning a handful of awards for her designs.

Beaded jewellery is Mrs Clarke’s specialty, using natural crystals and stones, artisan made lamp-work glass, Bohemian pressed and fire-polished glass, Swarovski crystals and metals.  She has a range of original designs which are ready made and available both online and from her studio.  Mrs Clarke offers custom made creations and also has a repair and remodeling service to mend or alter customers existing pieces of beaded jewellery.

Mrs Clarke runs jewellery classes but said “COVID-19 has changed my business since its arrival”.  She has moved primarily online as opposed to attending markets, which in turn has impacted on classes where Mrs Clarke has had to restructure and pivot her business.  She recently joined a Collective where there is a space for workshops and hopes she will be able to offer classes from both there, and the Bibra Lake studio in the near future.

For more information about Maxine Clarke’s work visit her website, phone +61 8 414 864 965 or email