Lava rock beads

Jan 4, 2021 | Beads | 0 comments

Lava Rock beads are, as their name suggests, a type of porous rock.

Their irregular shape and sponge-like texture, make them an interesting element in jewellery design.

Lava Rock beads are typically made from cooled down molten rock (Basalt, an igneous rock). In order for rock to melt, it has to reach temperatures as high as 1,000 degrees Celsius beneath a volcano.

Most commonly Lava beads appear in black or grey, however they can be dyed different colours too.

Lava Rock is known for being a grounding stone, which can balance ones emotions and bring about calmness and strength. It’s also believed to help with irritabilities and assist the wearer work through their problems with rational thought.

However since Lava Rock is born out of the heat underneath the earth’s surface it is said to represent rebirth or renewal. Lava Rock is also acknowledged for helping to promote fertility.

Lava Rocks beads are great for jewellery-making. They are both versatile and relatively inexpensive.

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