National Jewel Day 2022

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National Jewel Day is held on March 13 each year and recognises the makers and the jewellers.

Each year, the day reminds us to wear those pieces and appreciate the jewellery artists.

Selecting from precious and semi-precious stones takes time.

Most jewellers collaborate with artisans who work with clients to bring their vision to life.

As a part of National Jewel Day 2022 we wanted to share with you some birthstone meanings.


January Birthstone – Garnet

The dark red Garnet is believed to protect people from harm and promote good health and vitality.

With its neutral undertones, the January birthstone is an impressive gem that’s surprisingly versatile to wear.

The origin of Garnet dates back to biblical times, with several references to the gemstone in the Bible.

Some believe it was a large garnet which decorated a pedestal in the middle of Noah’s Ark.

February Birthstone – Amethyst

Amethyst shades range from pale lavender to deep violet.

Its mythology stretches as far back as Ancient Greece, and it is said to symbolise wisdom, stability and strength. 

Supposedly this gemstone has been used for thousands of years for magic, healing and psychic empowerment.

Amethyst is seen as a spiritual stone because its purple colour is the same as that of the crown (head) chakra.

March Birthstone – Aquamarine

The word Aquamarine is Latin for seawater.

Named for its vivid aqua-blue colour reminiscent of the sea, Aquamarine is the birthstone for March.

It is said to enhance tranquillity, harmony, and strong personal connections.

This gemstone suits a number of looks and thus is very versatile.

It is renowned for its soothing and calming qualities and is said to bring joy, happiness and peace.

April Birthstone – Diamond

Popularised by marketing, the Diamond is typically used for engagement rings however is also the birthstone of April. 

Renowned for its beauty and rarity, the Diamond symbolises purity, strength, and love.

Usually sought in white shades, Diamonds can be found in a range of cuts and colours, and in a wide variety of jewellery.

May Birthstone – Emerald

The birthstone for May is the deep green Emerald, associated with faith, love and new beginnings.

This precious gem looks gorgeous in rings, pendants, earrings and bracelets, as well as with silver and gold.

June Birthstone – Pearl

Pearls are most commonly seen in lustrous white, but also occur in a rainbow of shades.

Famously grown by molluscs, Pearls symbolise wisdom, perseverance and integrity. 

The June birthstone makes a classic and versatile addition to every jewellery collection. 

We stock a range of fresh water pearls in a variety of shades.

July Birthstone – Ruby

Rubies are rich, vibrant red gemstones that are synonymous with vitality, passion, and seeking your heart’s desire.

The July birthstone has also been the gemstone of royalty for centuries.

August Birthstone – Peridot

The August birthstone of Peridot is a bright, yellow and green gem.

It’s renowned for the distinctive glow that it carries in all lighting.

It is said to promote prosperity, fearlessness, and beauty.

September Birthstone – Sapphire

Sapphire is the stunning birthday gem for September. 

Available in a rainbow of colours, Sapphire is most often associated with its deep, ocean blue hue. 

It is thought to symbolise wisdom, serenity and focus.

October Birthstones – Opal and Pink Tourmaline

There are two stunning birthstones associated with October including Opal and Pink Tourmaline.

Opal is most commonly white with radiant patterns of colour, and symbolises hope, happiness and love. 

Pink Tourmaline is a rose coloured gem that enhances beauty, confidence and positive energy.

November Birthstones – Citrine and Topaz

November has two golden birthstones including Citrine and Topaz. 

Citrine is a bright yellow gemstone that is thought to represent energy and abundance.

We stock a variety of Citrine in store.

Topaz is found in a range of colours. 

The golden-yellow topaz is linked to November birthdays and symbolises confidence and joy. 

December Birthstones – Blue Topaz and Tanzanite

For December birthdays, choose from two stunning blue birthstones. 

Blue Topaz is a vivid sky-blue gem thought to enhance spiritual connections, peace, and protection. 

Tanzanite is a precious indigo coloured gem.

Under different lighting its shades can range from blue to violet. It is believed to promote truth, enlightenment and intuition.

We hope you celebrate National Jewel Day by wearing some of your favourite pieces of gemstone jewellery.

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