Pet jewellery favourites

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If you’re an animal lover and you love jewellery then the chances are you’ll be a fan of pet jewellery. Pet jewellery is designed for animal lovers or those who have pets. Sometimes pet jewellery can be custom. For example, you could make a pet nose impression necklace from your dog’s nose. Below are some varieties of pet jewellery from koala pendants to dachshund necklaces.

Love heart dragon fly pet jewellery pendant

Thomas Sabo Animal Gifts collection
You can’t go wrong with a gift from the Thomas Sabo Animal Jewellery Gifts collection. With jewellery ranging from koala necklace pendants to Llama pendants there is plenty of choice for all. There is also mixed metals including silver, gold and rose gold as well beaded and enameled varieties.
9ct Yellow Gold Dog Pendant pet jewellery

Graham’s Jeweller’s Dog Jewellery
If you’re a dog lover then Graham’s Jeweller’s may have the right jewellery for you. With a section dedicated solely to dog jewellery you can have your pick at which dog breed and style of jewellery you prefer.
pet jewellery blue iguana beaded necklace

BANDS OF COURAGE – Blue Iguana Necklace

You will love this beautiful pale blue beaded necklace which is similar in colour to a Blue Iguana. The Blue Iguana Necklace is handmade by artisans using glass and gold plated beads and freshwater pearls with 14K gold plated clasp and fittings. The extension chain with our Leopard logo are both gold plated!

iJewellery has a great selection of animal themed jewellery including Quokka, elephant, dachshund and dingo pendants, earrings, rings and more.

Dashing Dachshund Cutout Disc Necklace
Are you a dachshund owner or just a huge fan? Why not treat yourself to this necklace or add it to your birthday wish list.

Why not dress your furry friend in pet jewellery too?
Sure we treat our dogs like royalty, but it’s important they look the part. We’ve found the finest pet jewellery in the world for you to choose the perfect dogs’ accessories for your furry prince or princess. Your dog will look so glamorous with their pet jewellery, they’ll be sure to make a big entrance wherever they go. Shop here.