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  • Ceramic Dish for Borax Cone

    Ceramic Dish for Borax Cone


    Rough ceramic dish – add a few drops of water and grind borax cone into the rough ceramic to make flux paste for soldering.

    *Cone is not included in the price

  • Flexi shaft Hand Piece accessory Kit 32pc

    Flexi shaft Hand Piece accessory Kit 32pc


    This 32pc accessory kit will save you hours in the studio. Includes assorted buffs, mandrels, polishing wheels and drill bits.

  • Home Ultrasonic

    Home Ultrasonic


    Other ultrasonic cleaners too expensive or too large for small-quantity or home use? This affordable, small and neat ultrasonic is very easy to use and requires only dish washing liquid, a dash of ammonia (available from the supermarket cleaning section) and water to run. This model has already been very popular and sells out quickly! Digital display, 0-30min with 18 time cycle settings, instruction guide included. 600ml tank capacity. Keep your personal jewellery clean and beautiful.

    Unit Size 20 x 15 x 12 cm ( L x W x H )
    Weight 830 g

  • SAWFRAMES Adjustable 95mm

    SAWFRAMES Adjustable 100mm


    Jewellers sawframes feature serrated clamp to hold blade firmly in place. Made from constructed steel and hard wood handle the frames are perfectly balanced and will perform reliably for many years.

  • Titanium Soldering Pick

    Titanium Soldering Pick


    Titanium soldering pick – the titanium pick reduces the ability of solder to adhere to the pick and lift off the metal being soldered. Shaped plastic handle for comfortable grip.

  • Wooden Graver Mushroom

    Wooden Graver Mushroom


    Reinforced metal collars on these wood handles reduce the chance of splitting while providing a firm grip on gravers.