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Ideal for: Gold, Silver, Brass, Copper, & Platinum Jewelry SHINE RITE Anti-tarnish products protect silver, nickel, copper, bronze, base, tin and gold! Protect your jewelry, flatware, serving pieces, musical instruments, trophies and other items from unsightly discoloration and tarnish. To use, simply place a strip or tab near polished metal in an enclosed area, such as jewelry cases, storage bags or boxes, china cabinets, silverware chests, musical instrument cases or trophy cases.
Shine Rite strip & tabs have approx 2 year shelf life after its put into service (in service is when the end customer starts using the product out of the packaging or bags). We have reports from many customers who have had 5 and 7 year shelf life. With more care keeping unused strips and tabs enclosed tightly when not in use, extends shelf life dramatically. Ideal storage is in a resealable zip type bag. Bags with wire ties are fine as long as they have a tight twist in the bag where the wire ties go.


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