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C-Lon® bead cord is a strong Size #18 (.5mm) nylon thread which can be used for stringing, micro-macramé, and bead crochet with size 8/0 or larger seed beads.  Z-Twist Bonded Nylon.
Each bobbin/spool is approximately 28mm in diameter and 40mm inches tall and holds approximately 84 metres.  Made in USA.

C-Lon breaking strength is approx 34 lbs. Thread diameter is less than 0.5mm (0.5 millimeter = 0.019 685 039 inch = 1.26/64th of an inch). C-lon is suitable for standard gemstones and seed beads down to 11/0 sizing.  To overcome curling of C-Lon just reel of one arms length at a time and give it a stretch.

C-Lon was the original thread but S-Lon is exactly the same type of cord but made by Beadsmith.


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