Quick Extras To Get You Market Ready

Apr 19, 2018 | Advice and How-To's | 0 comments

It’s a week out from a market and you have made the majority of your stock, but you just need a few extra pieces. Except, you need time to price everything and organise your display so why not let findings and components do the work for you.

With just 5 components (10 single components) I made these simple, elegant, sterling silver earrings.


Step 1 – Lay out your components

Step 2 – Open a jump ring and attach your chain and your flower component then close the jump ring

Step 3 – Open your ball stud and attach your flower component

Step 4 – Add a butterfly and you’re done!


Item List Cost

0.33g CH60 Belcher Chain $0.76

2 x 3mm jump rings $0.22

2 x flower components $2.86

2 x ball studs $1.65

2 x butterflies $0.95

Material Total $6.44

Time (5 minutes @ $30ph) $2.50

TOTAL $8.94

$8.94 cost for a pair of sterling silver earrings, can I hear you say: PROFIT? Even at $29 RRP this is a steal for the customer and 300% profit for you. As an artisan jeweller I understand that you don’t want finding and component jewellery to be the bulk of your stock, but it’s a great way to beef up your display and have a few inexpensive extras for your customers. You’d be surprised how many buyers add one or two extras just because they are there!