Resin jewellery on trend in 2021

May 19, 2021 | Advice and How-To's, Interviews | 0 comments

Owner of Resinating Blue, Marian Price is a self-confessed lover of Australian natives and tries to incorporate nature into her jewellery pieces where possible.

Mrs Price said she started making resin jewellery because she admired the look and it was a change from her usual workshops.

Although Mrs Price said she’s not in a position to comment on fashion, she thinks resin jewellery will remain popular for years to come.

Kim Hardie from Kimbadesigns creates hand painted one-of-a-kind resin earrings that match.

Ms Hardie said that resin jewellery is definitely not a one hit wonder and that her clients love her jewellery because she’s created something unique that not many people are doing.

When chatting about recent fashion trends she said “it’s great that it [resin jewellery] keeps coming back into fashion but it’s not just a one off fad.”

Although resin has been around for centuries, resin jewellery has resurfaced as a trend recently.

In an article by Harper’s Bazaar named Five Jewelry Trends Straight from the Spring 2021 Runways it showed that resin jewellery was worn on the runway this year.

Harper’s Bazaar staff writer Barry Samaha said Saint Laurent displayed earrings made of resin and metal during the Spring 2021 runway.

Some find resin to be a very versatile material to work as it is relatively inexpensive and durable.

Major brands such as Zara stock resin jewellery which may be more marketed toward a mainstream audience.

However some local jewellery artists can get creative with their resin jewellery products putting dried flowers inside earrings for example.

With resin jewellery you can use your imagination to create many options and it is comfortable to wear Mrs Price said.

When resin hardens it becomes opaque, making for unique and beautiful jewellery pieces.

You can also change up the style and add some bling to your resin jewellery and create any colour you like.

Resin jewellery can be simple to learn from watching free ‘how to’ online tutorials and through trial and error.

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