Setting Up a Jewellery Studio

Jul 26, 2018 | Advice and How-To's | 0 comments

Jewellery can virtually be made in any space large enough to house a table or a desk, but a dedicated space where you can permanently set up is most ideal.

Western Frontier Traders very own Jewellery Manager, Carmel Fasolo, has kindly shared her knowledge and personal experiences in setting up a studio.


I have been making jewellery for over 25 years now and have worked from all kinds of spaces including an office desk, kitchen table, spare room, garage, and even the floor.

Wherever you decide to set up your studio, make it a space that you love and enjoy being in. Creating a little space for yourself that is just your own, where you have the freedom to create, is such a joy.

I have dedicated space in the back of my garage that I have been lucky enough to set up as the home of my creative little business where I have been working from for the last 10 years.


Whether it’s a purpose built bench or a simple table, it’s important that the table is at the correct height for the work you are making. This will help save your neck and back from aching especially if you are working for long periods of time.

An adjustable height chair is great solution for this as it can be adjusted to any height suitable for the job you’re doing, and it gives great support for your back. Choose a chair that is large enough to have tools and consumables such as saw blades, files, saw frames and setting tools in immediate reach.

jewllers Bench


Many professional jewellers will solder from their jewellers bench, but I like to have a dedicated bench that I can solder from. It needs to be free from draughts, clean, and heatproof for safety.


My drawing and designing table is one of my favourite spaces in my studio. It is where I can spread myself out and madly design and create. To keep inspired, I like to have inspiration or mood boards and surround myself with an abundance of images, quotes and organic nature finds such as sea sponges, gemstones, feathers, decaying leaves and native seeds.

Design table


If you are anything like me, you will have a multitude of crafting habits, and will need a ton of space to house multiple tools and crafting supplies.

Built-in storage, bookcases, shelves, drawers, boxes and tins are great to keep tools, metals, chemicals, books, beads, and crafting supplies organised.


Good ventilation is an absolute necessity. Windows that you can open, a garage door, or a good exhaust cupboard to suck up hazardous particles is worth thinking about when deciding to set up your studio.


Plenty of bright lighting is a must in any studio, whether it is an overhead fluorescent light, a lamp, or natural light source from an open door or window.

I always like to place my jewellers bench under a window to get as much natural light as possible, plus I like to look outside my window at my wonderful garden.


At least one double power point is needed in any jewellers studio. Lighting, polishing and drilling equipment all need to be handy, so be sure to think of where you will be placing of all this equipment when you initially set up your studio or install power points


If you are lucky enough to have a water source such as a sink nearby, then that is great. If this is not possible, then always have water on hand as a bucket or bottle of water. It’s handy for washing and rinsing your silver work.