Summer jewellery trends 2022

Jul 8, 2021 | Advice and How-To's | 0 comments

Before we know it Summer will be right around the corner and soon we’ll be wearing sandals, swimwear and bright summery jewellery. Summer is the best time to show off your jewellery. From charming pearls to slender chains, here’s our prediction of what will be worn on the Summer 2022 runway.

Chunky chains
Chain necklaces are still very much happening, and the thicker they are, the more you’ll stand out. Chunky chains can be worn as bracelets or necklaces and can be paired with some high end street wear.

You can’t go wrong with hoops as playful accessory. The bigger the hoop the better!

Large brooch pieces are in, who would of thought? Especially large statement piece brooches. We sell brooch backs for your entire brooch making needs.

Jewellery inspired by nature
Earth like metal jewellery inspired by nature is another trend which is gaining popularity. Jewellery artists who are inspired by nature incorporate flora into their many designs.

Layered chains
Get yourself a set with differing chain styles so you can easily layer them.  Layered chains look particularly beautiful with dainty chains however can be changed up with chunky chains. You can also stick to one metal or mix your metals.

Resin jewellery
Resin jewellery was spotted on the runway last year according to Harper’s BAZAAR and we predict it will be popular in summer 2022. We spoke to two resin jewellery designers from Perth, WA this year and both agreed that resin jewellery has been popular this year and is here to stay.

Statement pearls
We predict that large statement pearls pieces are going to be in fashion for 2022. Why not create a statement necklace from neoprene and pearls? Pearls have never been more in fashion than they are right now. We stock both of these items. This will look so good against a plain white T-shirt.

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