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JEWELLERY TREND: Tassel Earrings

Tassel earrings are the current “must-have” accessory, with the sassy earrings capturing the attention of celebrities and fashionistas alike. Following on from the Pom Pom trend, tassel earrings are everything fun and fabulous and are a great statement piece that are perfect for adding a colourful-edge to even the simplest of outfits.
Whilst jewellery fashion stores stock a range of tassel earrings, there is nothing like making your own. Here at Western Frontier Traders, we have a range of tools and products to assist you in creating the tassel earrings of your dreams.

Great items for making tassel earrings include:

• Beadalon Tassel Maker: $13.95
A super handy and affordable tool that makes tassel making easy and fun. See our previous blog post for more information. https://www.bestjewellerysupplies.com.au/product/tassel-maker/

• Cord: Various prices


FEATURED PRODUCT: Beadalon Tassel Maker

Ever wanted to make your own tassels? Or perhaps finding it hard to find the right coloured tassel to make your piece perfect? Well how about trying the Tassel Maker from Beadalon. The Beadalon Tassel Maker is easy to use and very practical, making tassel making simple and enjoyable!

Simply wind the Cotton Tassel Cord or any other string material of your choice, around the mandrels until the tassel is the desired thickness before tying, cutting and trimming the tassel (More instructions here https://adobe.ly/2tkVzXW). The finished tassels can be used as a great colourful addition to your creative projects and for embellishing bags and accessories.

The Beadalon Tassel Maker is now available in-store and on our online store ( follow this link http://bit.ly/2vbYYpp) so come and see us, or check out the product on our website now! We also stock a range of tassel cords perfect for creating tassels and for using with the tassel maker.

Tassel maker

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