Top Australian jewellery blogs

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Whether you are a jewellery maker, shopping for jewellery or just interested in the ins and outs of the jewellery industry, these blogs give you a great insight into some of Australia’s finest jewellery.

Najo Jewellery
NAJO’s designs are so sophisticated, bold and unique, but also remain timeless. Their range is constantly evolving because they are combining influences from all over the world.
Read Najo’s blog here.


Simone Walsh Handmade Jewellery Blog


So you want to keep up with the latest news about new handmade jewellery, indie design, and more? Why read this blog? Because Simone Walsh creates delightful fine jewellery in silver, gold, and gemstones.
Read Simone Walsh’s blog here.


Creator of GypsyLovinLight, Helen Janneson Bense has created a “loving space for all to share, inspire and be inspired. A place for the magic makers, the dreamers and conjurers, the wild at heart, the lovemakers, the freedom seekers, the light workers, to all those who long to express their inner worlds through creativity and love.”

Read GypsyLovinLight blog here.

The Design Files

The Design Files is an Australian digital design publication. They cover real Australian jewellery, homes, gardens, art, architecture, interior design, furniture, textiles, homewares, food, and more!

Read The Design Files blog here.

Rockin’ That Gem

A new-generation blogger from Perth, Australia, Isabella Lee is here to tell you more about her love for contemporary jewellery. Isabella is interested in custom-minded jewellers and appreciates individuality so definitely don’t give her blog a miss!

Lee’s approach cannot go unnoticed and even when it comes to the delicate design of minimalist jewellery she knows her stuff. The blogger curates her virtual space tastefully and shows a coherent representation of her own aesthetics.


Read Rockin’ That Gem blog here.

Champagne Gem

Persian-born, Melbourne-based blogger, Bebe Bakhshi, is passionate about diamonds, high jewellery and watches. So what does Champagne Gem represent? Champagne Gem represents Bebe’s own views of the jewellery and watch industry in the form of articles but is not limited to this, Because of her amazing interviews with designers and red carpet stories her blog stands out from the rest. In addition, her social media platforms, especially Instagram, is focussed on showcasing diamonds from rough to polished and set in bridal and high jewellery pieces. 

The gift ideas are definitely something to have a look at. No matter the season, the jewelrista makes beautiful selections of sparkling presents that would suit the occasion.

Read Champagne Gem blog here.

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