Valentine’s Day Activity

Jan 23, 2020 | Advice and How-To's, Beading Tools, Beads, Jewellery Tools | 0 comments

You may not have a beau to spend time with this Valentine’s Day, and that’s okay! We think that it can be just as special spending time with your best friends. We have the perfect idea inspired by Beadalon to keep you busy on Valentine’s Day.

Invite the girls over for a fun activity making a pendant necklace. You can buy all of the materials needed in-store at Western Frontier Traders.


Head Pin

Beads (available in-store)

Faux Suede Cord (available in-store)

Slim Line Round Nose Pliers


Thread the needle of your head pin through your selected beads.

thread beads

Carefully wrap the end of the head pin into a loop using the slim line round nose pliers.

Wrap wire

Thread the faux suede cord through the loop.

Thread cord

Cut the cord to the size you prefer.

Tie an adjustable knot with the ends of the cord. An example from Beadalon is shown below.

Tie adjustable knot

The final product…

And there you have it! Gorgeous pendant necklaces that are affordable and easy to make. We have a large range of beads and faux suede cord in-store. If you don’t live local to Perth, please give us a call or email to inquire about having them posted to you.