Western Frontier Traders was established in July 1995 by Mark Freiden, a qualified Jeweller from South Africa whose family were involved in a wholesale Jewellery business there.

The initial Western Frontier Traders showroom and office was in Rokeby Road, in Subiaco. Due to family commitments Mark had to move to Melbourne in 2002 so he sold the business to Mayama Gems who at the time supplied base metal and sterling silver findings, cabochons, hematite beads and clock parts for the souvenir market. Thus, the addition of jewellers tools fitted well. Mayama Gems then concentrated on the clock parts and expanded into other items for woodturners while Western Frontier Traders concentrated on manufacturing jewellers supplies.

Manufacturing jewellery can be a rewarding career, the down side though is the expense of getting started and establishing a client base plus the ongoing costs of materials. Thus, Western Frontier Traders has endeavoured to employ qualified jewellers who operate a studio and produce jewellery they sell, hence can give practical advice that they know works to clients entering or established in this market.

Our aim is supply quality affordable products and information to our clients so they have the best chance of success. In sourcing products we endeavour to deal direct with the manufacturers to reduce middle man costs and when this is not possible then purchase at the best prices possible and pass this on to our clients.

We have tested extensively all our jewellery making equipment to ensure the quality is what our clients are looking for and have included a 12 month warranty on products.

We carry an extensive range of semi-precious stones in cabochon and string form. We display our regular lines on this website but add new items almost monthly often in just short runs which can be viewed on our Facebook page.

We constantly produce articles aiming at keeping our clients up-to-date with jewellery trends business tips and information that they ask for through our blogs, email and printed newsletters. 

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