12 Social Media Tips for Marketing Your Jewellery Business

Aug 16, 2018 | Marketing | 0 comments

Marketing yourself and your business online can often be daunting and probably involves thoughts along the lines of ‘what the heck am I doing?!’ Many people neglect marketing their business online because they also much rather focus on actually running their business. When you shy away from social media you are missing a huge opportunity to tell the world about your amazing jewellery. You want people to love and wear you jewellery right? Well they won’t if they don’t know about it!

Social media marketing is hugely important for increasing awareness, building relationships with your customers and potential customers, and for creating sales. Whilst the world of social media may appear to be overwhelming, it doesn’t have to be, and it shouldn’t be!

Whether you’re yet to get started on social media or are in need a bit of inspiration or guidance, these 12 tips will ensure you’re putting your best self forward on your socials. While the tips are targeted for Instagram, they can be applied to Facebook too.

1. Tell a story

“Marketing is no longer about the stuff that you make, but about the stories that you tell” – Seth Godin

Everything you post on social media tells a story about your business and who you are. This a great thing as people connect to personal stories, and it allows you to build a personality. Tell people about who you are, why you create jewellery, how you came to be a jeweller, and the process of your jewellery creations.

2. Be authentic and genuine 

People buy from people! You don’t have hide away from who you are in order to sell. Show your followers that you are a real person.

3. Get personal with behind-the-scenes photos

A great way to be authentic and to introduce people to you is by posting behind-the-scenes photos. Mix up your selling posts with a sneaky photo to show what you’re getting up to on the weekend, you favourite book, your cute furry friend or anything that is personal to you! Posts that are personal generally have higher engagement and overall better performance too.

4. Ensure brand consistency

If you have multiple accounts ensure there is consistency between them. Visitors should be able to easily see that each account is you without looking too hard. If you have a logo or business colours be sure to include them in your posts across the platforms.

5. Know when to post

Have you ever curated a great post, shared it, and then received a disappointing amount of likes? By posting during times where your followers are online you can boost your chance of a higher engagement.

According to recent research conducted, Wednesdays and Thursdays are the best time to post on Facebook with Sunday being the quietest day of the week. For all other social media channels Monday-Friday are the best days during the early morning, and from 12-3pm.

If you have an Instagram Business account then Instagram will tell you when your audience is online through the Insights tool. You can learn more about Insights here. This is the best way to determine when to post as it’s specifically based on your followers.

6. Use video

Video has become increasingly popular on social media and an effective way of reaching audiences. I know you’re probably thinking, ‘but video is scary!’ We understand! It doesn’t need to be a grand production or to look super professional. Filming an array of your finished jewellery pieces or a snippet of you creating a piece, are two simple examples of how you can use video.

7. Post often, but don’t be annoying!

Continually popping up in your followers feeds ensures you don’t get forgotten! Posting on average 3-4 times a week allows for an effective presence without have to fear you’re being annoying.

8. Make use of free features and tools

There are many free programs that are great for social media. Below are just some of our favourites out of the many available.

  • Make use of the free insights and tools offered through Instagram Business and Facebook.
  • Programs like Hootsuite allow you to schedule social media posts in advance.
  • Canva is a great free graphic design program that is super easy to use and offers many templates for all social media platforms.

9. Put effort into photography and design

When scrolling through social media it is the image and visuals that will immediately grab your attention. You therefore want to ensure your photos are clear and visually appealing so your followers notice your posts.

You don’t need a professional camera or lots of time to take nice photos. To let you in on a secret, most of the photos shared on our social media profiles are taken using an iPhone. When taking photos of you jewellery, consider a plain background or taking them amongst nature so your pieces stand out.

10. #Hashtag

We can’t talk about social media without mentioning hashtags! Adding hashtags to your photos allows you to be found and increases likes.

Start by hash tagging a word and search suggestions will appear listed in order of their popularity. This helps to find the most popular hashtags. Also be broad with your hashtags for example #jewellery and #necklace as these will be more effective.

11. Switch to Instagram business

Just do it! It allows for your followers to easily contact you and for you to access the great benefits of Insights.

12. Be social!

Probably the most obvious of all tips, but many people still fail to actually be sociable by interacting with their followers. Don’t just post your own photos and then close the app. Find other jewellers and give them some love and definitely respond to or ‘like’ comments posted on your posts.


Most importantly have fun and be yourself! There is no need to be pressured into creating the ‘perfect’ social media account as most people value authenticity.

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