9 reasons customers pick jewellery

Jul 28, 2022 | Advice and How-To's | 0 comments

What makes you choose specific designers? Why do you buy what you buy?

Why is it that some jewellery just sells it itself and other pieces are more slow moving?

This blog post will outline nine reasons why customers choose to shop with certain jewellery designers the most.

Model wearing earrings

  1. Excellent photos: This is an important one as people want to see jewellery photographed well.All angles including the hand, neck, wrist, ear and the product itself.

    If there’s one aspect you’d like to improve upon for your jewellery business this year — upgrade your photography!

  2. Design itself: This must be unique, not super trendy, and not something that gets produced in a factory.People love special finishes and textures, and love handmade, out of the box thinking.
  3. Originality: Many people are attracted to original pieces of jewellery and one of a kind branding.
  4. Quality: Another key component is quality and hand-fabricated pieces as opposed to factory made jewellery.People want jewellery they can feel confident with investing in and knowing it will last more than a lifetime.
  5. Personal touches: By this we mean that you should be able to see a piece and know exactly which designer created it.Do you finish all your pieces with your signature texture?

    Does your finished piece reflect you or could it be confused for another designer?

  6. Designer as a person: People want to interact and feel a connection with the jewellery designers they buy from.They want their aesthetic to line up, whether it is completely style-focused or has a sustainability factor to it.

    If certain aspects are important to the designer, those are the types of customers they will attract.

  7. Use of colour: People want to see colourful gemstones used in an original way.Putting stones together is an art-form which takes a very special talent to master.
  8. Easy to wear: Comfort is key, but that’s not the only aspect of this component.People want designers to create jewellery that can function with what they already wear.

    Something they can mix, match and layer with other designer pieces and antique jewellery.

  9. Great website: It is important to have a beautiful website that showcases the jewellery, with easy navigation and sections where people can read to learn more.