Ring sizing at home

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According to ring experts your ring should fit your finger well but it should also be loose enough to be comfortable and fit over your knuckle without too much difficulty.

When buying rings online customers don’t get a chance to try a ring on and this can be disappointing if you buy the wrong size.

When measuring your fingers, keep in mind that the fingers on your dominant hand tend to be larger than those on your non-dominant hand.

Before you begin taking your measurements, pick the finger on which you want to wear your ring and ensure that your finger is at its normal size before taking a measurement.

This is because cold weather can cause your fingers to shrink, while heat or water retention can cause finger swelling.

Different countries use different measuring systems. The two most common are:

  • Alphabetical (or Wheat Sheaf) ring sizes used in Australia, the UK and other countries (for men and women)
  • Numerical ring sizes used in the US, Canada and much of Asia (for men and women)

Both systems are used for both men’s and women’s ring sizes.

For measurements at home using with a measuring tape use the following instructions:

Step 1: Place the measuring tape

Place the measuring tape over your finger and pull it around into a circle.

Step 2: Adjust the size

Adjust the size of the circle, move it across your knuckles, and make sure it fits comfortably.

Step 3: Take note of the measurements and find a size

Take note of the measurements in millimetres and use this as a guide to find your ring size.

However if you use a professional ring sizer this can give an accurate reading as well.

We sell a number of ring sizers, some which are very affordable ranging from around $4.00-$33.00 plus gst.