How to make jewellery in the cold weather

Jul 14, 2022 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

Sometimes when the weather is gloomy it can be tricky to stay on task or get motivated to create.

Below are some suggestions of what you can do as a creative to try and make art when it’s cold outside.


Obviously it can be hard to go for a walk when it’s raining or snowing outside.

But getting some exercise can boost your mood and energy making you feel more positive and likely to create.

Mentally, we feel more energized and ready to tackle the world after a good workout.

This is because endorphins have boosted our physical energy level.

Make yourself a hot drink

What’s your beverage of choice? Maybe it’s a coffee, a chai or a hot chocolate – either way a little warmth goes a long way, so mug up!

Eat some hot food

I don’t know about you, but eating a wholesome meal or snack generally motivates me to do work.

Why not warm yourself from within, with a soothing hot meal of your choice.

Play some of your favourite tunes

The general rule of using music as a tool is to play it before and after your work session – not during. 

Playing your favourite tracks before you work can put you in a good mood and get you focused and alert, which will improve your learning.

Rug up

Make sure you’re nice and cozy while working on your projects.

Throw on your comfy socks, lay a blanket over your lap and if you want to, dial up the heater or add logs to the fireplace.

Studio pet 

If you’re a paw rent, having your furry friend by your side while you’re working on a cold Winter day can be very comforting!
jewellers workbench jewellery workshop

Start creating!

Just dive in and start creating your art!

Even though it might be completely freezing and possibly raining outside, don’t let this stop you from making your art.