Interview with local metalsmith Jade Anderson

Mar 24, 2021 | Beads, Gemstones, Interviews | 0 comments

After celebrating National Jewel Day on March 13th 2021, what better way to recognize the jewellery trade than to share an interview with local metalsmith Jade Anderson.

If you didn’t have a chance to read her interview in the October edition of the Mobimag the Jewellery Link, than read the article below.

Jade is a metalsmith jewellery artist from Perth, Western Australia who has been making jewellery since she was young.

Her beginnings in making jewellery started when her Nana gave her a metal ice-cream tin full of seed beads and fine beading needles. She sat for hours creating bracelets and necklaces.

Jade dabbled in jewellery for many years before having three children, when she decided she wanted to create from home.

Jade’s children creating with clay @3littlemystics

This is where her craftsmanship with metal began. Jade loves to create jewellery with meaning and is inspired primarily by her spirituality and esoteric learnings.

Jade’s ‘Raven Collection’ available on 25th March 2021

She says she feels that she always has designs floating in her head and when she sees gemstones she has an instant flash of inspiration of how she would like to set the stones or use a certain material.

Jade believes in sustainable, eco-friendly jewellery and says “in our world today there is definitely more of a focus to fix what is broken.”

Jade aims to create good quality pieces that last and opts to use recycled materials where possible. She also prefers the idea of slow made jewellery created with care as opposed to the fast fashion approach.

Jade says she’s been extremely lucky to experience a great amount of support in her line of work.

Jade Anderson – Perth metalsmith @mysticloves33

She says “put yourself out there and work towards your goal, the support will come to you.”

She thrives on the creative scene in Perth and has met some great creative artists within the jewellery and the fine and visual art community.

Jade believes Perth people have been very friendly and supportive in her journey as a metalsmith.

Whilst Jade doesn’t follow any jewellery trends in particular she says most of her work consists of custom pieces for clients.

She likes to make pieces that are different, unique and based on spiritual beliefs.

As a metalsmith, Jade’s favourite materials to work with are sterling silver and brass.

She loves that you can achieve such a variety of different finishes with just these two materials.

Jade is a loyal customer of Western Frontier Traders and continues to shop with us as she says we have a great range of affordable products and our website, tips and how tos on our Instagram are useful.

Jade’s latest Raven Collection of signature one off pieces will be available on 25th March 2021. To view Jade’s work click here or email Jade Anderson at