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  • A-380 Glue


    A-380 glue is suitable for Metal, stone, glass, china wood, plastics and pearls this glue is super strong and bonds within minutes. Features fine nozzle tip.

  • CNE6000


    E6000 is an industrial high performance adhesive that is ideal for jewellery and beading applications.It provides a superior bond on porous and non-porous materials such as wood, metal, plastic, glass, rubber, tile, fibre glass, marble, ceramic, vinyl, fabric, leather and concrete. E6000 is Waterproof and Abrasion resistant so may be used on high-wear surfaces. Dries clear and is paintable.  Allow 2-3 day’s to completely strengthen and cure. Clear Medium Viscosity   Vol. 110ml


  • G-S HYPO Cement

    G-S HYPO Cement


    Features a super fine needle applicator, allowing precise amount of cement to be applied to intricate pieces. Suitable for jewellery making and bead crafts techniques as well as fixing crystals and cz’s. Dries clear and will not bond fingers. 1/3 oz tube.
    Made in USA

  • UHU Quickset Epoxy Glue


    UHU Quick set epoxy glue is suitable for Metal, glass, ceramic, stone, rubber and wood. Useful for fixing metal findings to stone, pearls, Neoprene and cords Two part formula sets in 5 minutes can be handled after 10 minutes. Dries clear. 2x 10ml tubes Made in Germany

  • UHU Ultra Strong 170kg Epoxy Glue


    This High strength 2 component epoxy adhesive is suitable for Metal, stone, glass, china wood, plastics and pearls .It is resistant to impact, aging, moisture, diluted acids and alkalis solvents. Sets in 2 hours and cures over 12 hours. Dries clear. 2x 10ml tubes.
    Made in Germany