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  • Studio Flux Style Bench Pin


    The Studio Flux Style Bench Pin is designed to be utilized on top of your workbench, giving you a flat, continuous surface needed for good sawing.

    The cut outs in this bench pin allow you to slip the sawblade into the interiors of the pin arms in order to saw small parts with full support. The cut out at the V-point of the pin is for backing support of rods, wires and sheet for filing. Unlike the standard bench pin, this bench pin is designed to be mounted to the top of your workbench giving you a flat continuous surface for sawing. Comes with Steel Clamp. Mounting screws not included.  150mm long x 98mm wide

  • Wooden Bur/File Stand

    Wooden Bur/File Stand


    Wooden block organizer/ bur stand – shaped wooden stand with small diameter holes for standing needle files and burs for storage and easy access. 88 x 2.5mm holes. Prevents damage caused to delicate burs and expensive needle files by having them roll around loose in open containers. 15.2cm long x 9.2cm wide x 4.5cm high.