Top 8 food and beverage earrings

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While traditional jewellery remains popular, today some embrace the quirkiness and fun of pieces such as food and beverage jewellery. We’ve hand picked some of our favourite food and beverage themed jewellery so have a read!

@SeshStickerShirts Heinz Beans food earrings

@SeshStickerShirts Heinz Beans earrings

Heinz Beans Tin Earrings

Why not have Australia’s most loved tinned breakfast beans dangling from your ears for the whole world to enjoy. These earrings are perfect for Sunday brunch while you enjoy your favourite breakfast food and beverages.

@McElligottsPond Tiny Teddy food Earrings

@McElligottsPond Tiny Teddy Earrings

Tiny Teddy Earrings

Bring on the childhood memories with these fun teddy bear earrings. Who didn’t love Tiny Teddy’s as an afternoon snack? Now you can wear them as earrings. How good?

@JasAccessoriesAU - Cute Bakery earrings | Bread food and beverage earrings

@JasAccessoriesAU – Cute Bakery earrings | Bread earrings

Cute Bakery earrings

These bakery earrings are totally adorable. You can imagine you’re in France, wearing a beret and listening to a French accordion while wearing some baguette shaped earrings. Perfect!

@CraftyLittleDreams Cinnamon Roll Earrings

@CraftyLittleDreams Cinnamon Roll Earrings| Food Jewelry

Cinnamon Roll Earrings

Who doesn’t love the smell of a cinnamon scroll in the morning. Paired with a freshly brewed cup of coffee. Even better, they’re available as polymer clay earrings now.

@SweetComplete Nachos dangle earrings - Nachos - Corn Chips

@SweetComplete Nachos dangle earrings – Nachos – Corn Chips

Nachos dangle earrings

These delicious looking earrings are perfect to wear to your next potluck dinner, where you can be sure your earrings will be the main talking point of the evening. That’s all for the food side of our food and beverage earring selection, scroll down for some beverage earrings!


@CyberbabeJewellery - Vodka Cruiser Earrings

@CyberbabeJewellery – Vodka Cruiser Earrings

Vodka Cruiser Earrings

I have little to no words for these but just one question. Do they come in a Carnivale range?

@SaintRaphaelStore - Wine Bottle Earrings - Red Wine Earrings

@SaintRaphaelStore – Wine Bottle Earrings – Red Wine Earrings

Wine Bottle Earrings

These are for the wine lovers. Represent your drink of choice with a pair of beverage themed earrings!

@JustForFunStyle Colorful Latte Cups Coffee Beans Dangle Earrings

Colorful Latte Cups Coffee Beans Dangle Earrings

Colourful Latte Cups

Now this is something most of us can rally around. Coffee drinkers will either love or hate the major coffee chain logo. These earrings can be made with sterling silver earring hooks.

Have you read our recent interview with artist and filmmaker Erin Coates? Here’s a snippet:

Q: You’re an established visual artist working across sculpture, drawing and video. Which medium do you prefer and why?

A: I can’t really choose one. They’re all interconnected for me. Often when I have an idea, I’ll explore it across those three mediums and there’ll be a strong interconnection between them.

Each one has different things I love about it; the collaborative energy of working on films and video works and the craziness of actually shooting a short film;  and with the more studio-based practices of drawing and sculpture, I love for the solitude and the concentration, as well as learning new skills inside of those mediums.

Q: Congratulations on participating in the 23rd Biennale of Sydney “rīvus” as the only West Australian artist. Tell me a little bit more about your involvement in this and what you’ll be creating.

A: Thanks. It is a really exciting event to be invited to participate in. The work that I’ve made relates strongly to the body of work I’ve been producing over the last couple of years connected to the Derbarl Yerrigan / Swan River.

I started researching it when I was doing a residency at Goolugatup Heathcote and looking at the changing ecology in our river, but also in urban waterways across Australia and really across the world. I’m particularly interested in the transference of matter into and out of urban waterways, especially the removal of oyster shell reefs and how this has impacted the ecology of the river.

For a long time, we dredged the oyster shells to grind them up and use the lime for building materials.

One of the new works I’ve made for the Biennale of Sydney relates strongly to this…

Read more here.