The Art of Packaging

Jan 16, 2018 | Advice and How-To's, Featured Products | 0 comments

Your jewellery creations deserve to be displayed in a way that showcases their value and beauty to all potential customers. After all, you have put all your hard work and love into designing and creating the pieces so why wouldn’t you want to show them off in the best way possible?!

Jewellery packaging can be used for showcasing and displaying your jewellery and to make the sales experience extra special for your customers using wrapping, labels and gift boxes. Professionally presenting and displaying jewellery can grab the attention of browsers and bring an extra “wow” factor to the jewellery.

Be Creative

It is creativity that will help draw attention to your packaging so don’t be afraid to be bold and ingenious. There are heaps of creative ideas and examples available online that can be used as inspiration. Pinterest is particularly great for finding inspiration with endless ideas available!

Include Packaging In Your Planning

When preparing for an upcoming show, exhibition or stall, consider how you will display and present your jewellery. Packaging and displays should be carefully considered and planned, as it forms a key part of your branding and selling strategies.

Personalise In Line With Your Brand

Packaging can add to your marketing efforts and is a powerful way of extending your brands image and personality. Ways of personalising packaging include using customised labels, adding your business name and logo to packaging materials and ensuring consistency between packaging and your brands colours and designs.

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