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How To Polish Jewellery Blog Post

How To Polish Jewellery (With Dialux)

Here is a how-to on polishing your jewellery. Dialux offers a range of polishing products to suit any kind of material used in jewellery design for desired finishes.

Dialux is a premium polishing compound commonly used throughout the jewellery making industry. The products are made in Germany with high quality ingredients.

The bars are combined of a compound that is blended with abrasive grit. The large range of polishing bars allows for a variance in levels of abrasiveness, achieving the required finish on different materials.

Here is a useful chart which explains the appropriate polishes for each material, as well as the finish you will have at the end.


Image Source: Eternal Tools

We recommend that you sand down your material first with a Polishing Buff Wheel and ensure that any scratches have been removed. After this, apply a conservative amount of Dialux polish onto the appropriate tool. This may be a calico wheel or belt etc.

It is important to not cross-contaminate your tools as you do not want the different polishes to mix.


It is suggested that for pre-polishing, the Yellow, Grey or Orange is the best. Take care to only use slow movements for these polishes as they are more abrasive than the rest of the range.


For polishing, White and Blue are normally the recommended, and occasionally Grey for stainless steel materials. If you are using the Blue Dialux with a Flexishaft Pendant Drill Kit it is best to use a Calico Wheel.


The final finish for gold or silver jewellery, use either Red, Black, Green, White or Blue. It is recommended that you use a soft Cotton Mop for the Black polish.


Introduction to Neoprene

Neoprene is a highly popular material often used by jewellers to create necklaces. Part of the synthetic rubber family, neoprene is strong and versatile and can maintain flexibility over a wide temperature range. Neoprene is also easy to clean using a dry or damp cloth. It is particularly important to maintain cleaning as perspiration can cause neoprene to become hard, losing its flexibility. The durability and flexibility of neoprene make it an attractive material in the eyes of jewellers, craft and sewing enthusiasts, and product manufacturers. Neoprene is particularly used in a variety of goods and can be used for jewellery, quilting and embroidery projects.

Neoprene, in the jewellery industry, is particularly used for necklaces although it’s great for making bracelets and has even been used for earrings. It is a comfortable material to wear and comes in a variety of colours and thicknesses. Neoprene offers a modern, contemporary touch that can be worn by both men and women. Whether you want to dress up, or are going for a casual and playful look, neoprene can be used to form jewellery to suit all occasions. Neoprene is a great material for holding a pendant or for even using on its own to create various shapes and designs.

 Neoprene Inspiration


Untitled design (1)

Looking to buy neoprene?

Western Frontier Traders stock neoprene in a variety of sizes and forms including neoprene already as a necklace and neoprene cord by the metre.

Neoprene Cord


Neoprene cord is available in black and is sold by the metre.

Neoprene Choker


Neoprene chokers are made with a parrot clasp for style and ease of wear. Available in gold, sterling silver, and silver plate.

Neoprene Necklace


Neoprene necklaces have a silver pop tube clasp which take away the hassle of trying to clip a clasp on a chain. Necklaces are available in four different widths.

The Art of Packaging

Your jewellery creations deserve to be displayed in a way that showcases their value and beauty to all potential customers. After all, you have put all your hard work and love into designing and creating the pieces so why wouldn’t you want to show them off in the best way possible?!

Jewellery packaging can be used for showcasing and displaying your jewellery and to make the sales experience extra special for your customers using wrapping, labels and gift boxes. Professionally presenting and displaying jewellery can grab the attention of browsers and bring an extra “wow” factor to the jewellery.

Be Creative

It is creativity that will help draw attention to your packaging so don’t be afraid to be bold and ingenious. There are heaps of creative ideas and examples available online that can be used as inspiration. Pinterest is particularly great for finding inspiration with endless ideas available!

Include Packaging In Your Planning

When preparing for an upcoming show, exhibition or stall, consider how you will display and present your jewellery. Packaging and displays should be carefully considered and planned, as it forms a key part of your branding and selling strategies.

Personalise In Line With Your Brand

Packaging can add to your marketing efforts and is a powerful way of extending your brands image and personality. Ways of personalising packaging include using customised labels, adding your business name and logo to packaging materials and ensuring consistency between packaging and your brands colours and designs.

– – – –

Western Frontier Traders stock a range of display and packaging products including boxes, pouches, labels and bags in a range of sizes, designs and colours. The full range of display and packaging products can be viewed in store or online at

Beads Are Back!

One look at any fashion magazine or website will tell you that beads are back in fashion, big time.

Here at Western Frontier Traders we don’t want you to miss out on the latest so have stocked up on hundreds of gemstone beads and freshwater pearls at wholesale prices. And to make it ever better we have everything you need to make knotted pearl strands, elastic fashion bracelets and necklaces with statement beads on sleek tigertail.

image1 (1)

Currently we stock, rose quartz, amethyst, sodalite, jasper, lava, agate, freshwater pearls, garnet, citrine, peridot, apatite, smoky quartz, coral and howlite…just to name a few! We also stock beading elastic, french wire, tigertail, griffin beading silk, sterling silver beads and findings, bead trays and much, much more. Come in store to see our full range of beading supplies.

Mention this blog anytime during November to receive 5% off all our gemstone beads and freshwater pearl strands.

FEATURED PRODUCT: Connoisseurs Jewellery Cleaners

Jewellery cleaning and care is integral to maintaining the shine and appearance of your jewellery. You would be surprised how much dirt, lotions, perfumes and dents that can be found on jewellery from simple every day activities and wear. Overtime your jewellery can become dull; losing its wonderful shine and beauty that led you to purchasing the pieces.

Connoisseurs have a range of jewellery cleaning products for various types of jewellery including cleaners, polish, polishing cloths and wipes. The high quality cleaning and care products will not only bring the brilliance back to your jewellery but are also practical and very easy to use.

Connoisseurs Jewellery Cleaners are available for silver, delicate and precious jewellery and are an effective and efficient product for easily removing tarnish and adding a shine to your jewellery. The cleaners include a dip tray and brush.

Polishing cloths available for gold and silver are made from 100% cotton and are a convenient product for both cleaning and polishing. Each product includes two cloths, the first ideal for cleaning and removing tarnish and the second for buffing and polishing.

Connoisseurs Polish is a gentle tarnish remover that will remove even the heaviest of tarnishing. Its quick rinse formula makes it fast and easy to use leaving an anti-tarnish shield which will help protect tarnishing for months.

Perfect for a quick clean, the Connoisseurs Jewellery Wipes are compact and easy to carry allowing you to give your jewellery a quick clean when on the go. The wipes are ideal for small and quick beauty treatments, however for a full clean, use a Connoisseurs Jewellery Cleaner.

Our range of Connoisseurs cleaning products include:
• Connoisseurs Jewellery Cleaner Silver
Ideal for sterling silver.

Connoisseurs Jewellery Cleaner for SILVER

• Connoisseurs Jewellery Cleaner Delicate
Ideal for gold plated, sterling silver with semiprecious stones, sterling silver antiqued, silver plate delicate stones, pearls, coral, opals, emeralds, costume jewellery and semiprecious.


• Connoisseurs Jewellery Cleaner Precious
Ideal for gold, gold plated, gold filled, platinum, diamonds, precious stones, emeralds and semiprecious.


• Connoisseurs Gold Polishing Cloth
Ideal for gold, gold plated, gold filled and platinum.

Connoissuers Gold Polishing Cloth

• Connoisseurs Jewellery Wipes
Ideal for gold, gold plated, gold filled, platinum, sterling silver, sterling silver with precious stones, sterling silver antiqued, silver plate and diamonds.

Connoissuers Jewelry Wipes

• Connoisseurs Silver Polish
Ideal for polishing tarnished silver.

Connoissuers Silver Polish

• Connoisseurs Silver Polishing Cloth
Ideal for sterling silver, sterling silver with semiprecious stones, sterling silver antiqued and silver plate.

Connoissuers Silver Polishing Cloth

FEATURED PRODUCT: Beadalon Tassel Maker

Ever wanted to make your own tassels? Or perhaps finding it hard to find the right coloured tassel to make your piece perfect? Well how about trying the Tassel Maker from Beadalon. The Beadalon Tassel Maker is easy to use and very practical, making tassel making simple and enjoyable!

Simply wind the Cotton Tassel Cord or any other string material of your choice, around the mandrels until the tassel is the desired thickness before tying, cutting and trimming the tassel (More instructions here The finished tassels can be used as a great colourful addition to your creative projects and for embellishing bags and accessories.

The Beadalon Tassel Maker is now available in-store and on our online store ( follow this link so come and see us, or check out the product on our website now! We also stock a range of tassel cords perfect for creating tassels and for using with the tassel maker.

Tassel maker

tassle machine